J. Goss + Forum Research know what to count and how to count it.
From J. Goss + Art

Forum Research Inc. is one of Canada's top public opinion polling firms. The Toronto-based group is led by Dr. Lorne Bozinoff Ph.D., who has over thirty years of polling experience.

J. Goss, in association with Forum Research, helps unions, non-profit groups and progressive businesses better understand their members and markets. We also provide research services for municipal, provincial and federal election campaigns.

J. Goss + Associates public opinion research services can help with:

- organizing drives
- union votes
- campaign research
- brand analysis
- and more!

Make news

Opinion research not only provides valuable information, the findings can also be newsworthy. Ask  J. Goss + Associates about our five question special!

24-hour turnaround

Forum Research can design, field and report results in less than twenty-four hours.


130-station phone room in downtown Toronto, an RDD (remote digit dial) online panel of 50,000 respondents, an IVR Random Selection Telephone Interviewing System and a network of more than 8000 in-person interviewers across Canada.

Quantitative research skills

- Advertising tracking
- Corporate image tracking
- Customer retention research
- Employee engagement research
- RDD telephone surveys
- Online research panels
- In-person research
- Travel and tourism studies
- Health care and pharmaceutical studies
- Packaged goods research
- Program evaluation
- Sectoral analysis
- Environmental scans
- Media monitoring

Qualitative research 

- Solos (one-on-ones)
- Duets
- Trios
- Mini-groups (4 to 6)
- Focus groups (7 to 9)
- Meta-groups (10 to 12)
- SuperGroups (12+)
- Chaired seminar groups (20+)
- Strategic consulting and development
- Communications consulting
- Media content generation
- Dynamic Engagement Facilitation (brainstorming)
- Name generation
- Brand management